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Rodent Problem in Your Home?

Rodents include rats and mice and cause serious problems if they have infested your home. They can spread diseases through their urine and faeces, especially in food storage areas in your house such as kitchens. Rodents like to gnaw through wires, pipes, wood and insulation which can cause dangerous and expensive damage to your home. They also breed quickly and a rodent problem in your home can get out of control in a short time.

If you suspect you may have a rodent problem in your home then check for signs first. With over 25 years experience in rodent and pest control we can quickly and effectively carry out rodent removal at your home.

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Our Service Includes:

Experienced and fully trained rat removal operatives

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Survey at your home

Appropriate treatment

Post treatment advice on preventing long term rat problems

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What can you expect from our rodent control services?
It’s very natural to feel uncomfortable and concerned if you have a potential rodent infestation, but don’t worry we help lots of people in your situation every day.
Mice and rats are a common problem in households. The quickest and most effective way to deal with these pests is our rodent control treatment service. Each of our rodent control treatment bookings comprises of a total of three treatment appointments. This allows us to evaluate the implemented treatment solution through follow-up appointments and to assess your rodent problem over a time period ensuring the pests are eliminated from your home for good.

One of our experienced operatives will thoroughly inspect your entire property to identify the species and source of the infestation. We will then recommend and implement the appropriate treatment/proofing solution once a risk assessment has been carried out.

Our operatives will evaluate the situation on the severity and species of the rodent infestation. Our highly skilled operatives have a variety of targeted solutions to deal with any rodent problem. This may include the use of ‘bait boxes’ containing non-toxic and, in some cases, toxic rodenticide. Rest assured that these boxes will be carefully positioned to ensure a safe as well as discreet treatment – the boxes are tamper resistant and in hard-to-reach places so children are not able to access them. An alternative treatment that may be advised is a proofing solution to stop pests from entering your home completely.

Advise on rodent prevention offering long term solutions to ensure your home remains rodent-free.
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Contact our Commercial Rodent Control Service if you have a rodent problem in your commercial premises.