Signs Of Rodents

Signs that you have a rodent problem

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Odours: Rats and mice produce characteristic ‘stale’ odours, which can be easily recognised 

Droppings: Rats are incontinent and usually produce around 40 droppings per day! Rat droppings are the size of a grain and are dark brown in colour making them easy to spot around your home. An adult house mouse usually produces 50 to 75 droppings per day. These fecal pellets are usually dark-colored, 1/4 inch in length and pointed at both ends 

Noises and movement: A lot of people often hear rodents moving around during the night. Rats are nocturnal so you may hear them in walls, under floorboards or in the roof space (lofts too!) 

Damage: Chewed furnishings, fittings or cables can often indicate a rodent issue. Rodents can cause damage to most materials, including wood and concrete! Rats’ teeth don’t stop growing and they gnaw on objects to file them down. 

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