The onset of the warmer weather during the summer months brings with it an annual nuisance of wasps for many businesses. Frequently nests are found in roof spaces, cavity walls, eaves, shed and outhouse and are often at height and difficult to reach.

Wasps become particularly aggressive at this time of the year if disturbed, attacking and stinging with impunity, which can result in medical problems for those who are allergic to the sting. The wasps behavior is due to them temporarily giving  up their natural diet of insects for the preferred instant source of fruit, rubbish and abandoned food, which goes hand in hand with the warmer weather.

Wasp Nest Treatment

Treatment of a wasps nest is definitely a job for experts as they will defend their wasp nest vigorously. Our technicians will locate the wasp nest if you have not already and the entry point if the wasp nest is inside the building.

Your local expert team is able to respond quickly to carry out a no nonsense wasp nest treatment to ensure your staff and customers are protected from the annoyance of wasps and wasp stings.

Persistent Wasp Control Problems?

If you are in hospitality you may experience frequent problems in kitchens or outside dining areas but not actually have a wasp nest on site. Our wasp control service also provide a regular wasp control programme to protect your staff and customers. Our teams of experts can also provide advice on fly screen to prevent wasps entry to sensitive areas as well as keeping out nuisance flies.







For more advice and information on wasp control programmes or to book a wasp nest treatment talk to our expert team by calling 0333 567 2020.

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