As the weather gets colder, rodents will be heading indoors and causing problems! Call us or get a quote and book online.

Commercial Rodent Control

Effective & Professional Rodent Control Services

Effective rat, mouse and rodent control is essential to maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment. Rodents can inflict costly damage to property, stock and foodstuffs, as well as carrying diseases such as salmonella, E.coli and Weil’s disease and possibly ticks, mites or fleas. Call us today if you have a Rodent problem on 0333 567 2020

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Signs that you have a rodent problem:

  • Rats and mice produce characteristic ‘stale’ odours, which can be easily recognised
  • Scratching or gnawing noises in the wall, floor or roof space
  • Droppings in or around your workplace
  • Damage to your property such as chewed furnishings, fittings, desks, cables or torn up insulation
  • Nests with shredded material such as insulation, paper or packaging
  • Stock damage

What are the risk to your business without professional rodent control?

  • A loss of reputation and trade due to being seen as a dirty or unhygienic if rats are present
  • Legal ramifications due to not meeting required legislation for health & safety
  • Damage to property, stock and foodstuffs and the associated costs to repair or replace
  • Contamination of goods and foodstuffs putting customers at risk
  • The spread of diseases









Our fully comprehensive rodent control service offers:

  • Routine inspections by local certified BPCA operative
  • GPS tracked operatives with lone working protection
  • Tamper resistant bait stations
  • Full environmental assessment
  • Digital reporting
  • E-billing
  • Portal
  • On line learning
  • Central help desk
  • Designated local account manager
  • Unlimited callouts
  • Unlimited follow-ups

To book a rodent control site survey or to recieve professional advice call us on 0333 567 2020, or contact us today

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