How much is bird of prey pest control?

As specialists in pest bird control, and using hawks as a deterrent for nuisance birds, we are often asked how much does bird of prey pest control cost? The answer to the question depends on several factors from the type of bird problem you have, the location and number of the pest birds in the area.

What pest birds can falconry control? 

Hawks and falcons are used to control nuisance birds including pigeons and seagulls, utilising their natural instincts. When a hawk or falcon occupy an area, the pest birds are deterred and encouraged to move on and nest/roost in alternate areas. This is how hawks get rid of seagulls and pigeons

Where can hawks be used?

Falconry is a particular good form of pest bird control to use in wide-open areas, such as a landfill site, farmland or indeed an offshore platform. These locations are not easily bird proofed using other methods, but birds of prey are effective at deterring nuisance birds.

Preventing Nesting Birds for Offshore Platform Case Study

In addition to consulting and advising on their application for a bird licence to complete the decommissioning of the platform, birds of prey were trained to work in an open-sea offshore environment. NBC were able to deploy different birds of prey for different strategies around and below the platform, which was key to working offshore with a large number of birds in a remote environment.

How many pest birds can a bird of prey control?

Depending on the pressures being experienced, our trained falconers have several birds of prey available at any given time to ensure we can maintain a constant flying schedule.  

Preventing Gull and Pigeons at Southampton Hospital Case Study

NBC consulted with Southampton Hospital, where the large site has a problem with roosting pigeons and nesting gulls. For the last 6 years, we have been providing a bespoke falconry management programme on site. The hawks would fly between 7:30 – 18:00 daily, which resulted in reducing over 200 feral pigeons on site to a daily population of only 8!

How long does it take to remove pest birds?

A bespoke program of falconry, designed by our experts, will recommend a programme based on the initial survey and our trained falconers will implement that programme which is designed to change their long habituated behaviours. This means they will choose somewhere else to nest, roost or feed over a period of time. As long as our recommendations are followed, NBC offer a 5 year programme to manage a site and remove all pest birds - the more coverage you have the better the results.

Get a quote for bird of prey pest control

The price of using hawks and falcons as a deterrent for pest birds, takes into consideration all the above, so we can provide a custom-made quote for your individual location and specific bird problem.

By booking a survey you’ll also get a risk assessment tailored to your company requirements. Call 0333 567 2020 for further information on bird of prey pest control prices or for any other falconry questions you have, contact us online today.

Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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