Do hawks get rid of seagulls?

Falconry is a natural method of bird control using hawks and falcons, which is highly effective and can be used in both built up urban areas and rural landscapes to deter feral pigeons, but do hawks get rid of seagulls too? 

Why are seagulls a nuisance? 

Like pigeons, seagulls are also considered nuisance birds when they invade sites and locations where they are unwanted. This is usually where there is an abundance of food readily available, as seagulls will eat almost anything, this being one of the reasons seagulls gather at landfill sites.

In addition to the mess and damage caused by their droppings, which can stain and discolour rooftops, buildings and cars, seagulls also pose a serious health hazard. That’s all without mentioning they are incredibly noisy and can be scary when seagulls dive bomb and swoop on animals and people.

The Open Falconry in the fieldHow falconry works with seagulls?

As pest birds, seagulls are instinctively afraid of hawks and falcons, although they are very stubborn and aggressive birds in their own right, especially when nesting. Utilising their natural predators of hawks and falcons can be the one of the best seagull control methods

Seagulls are social creatures and territorial, so once roof nesting gets a hold, other gulls start to move to nearby buildings; this is how a seagull colony is established. If the birds are left undisturbed throughout a season, they will come back to the same spot year after year to build their nests again.

Do falcons and hawks get rid of seagulls?

Falconry is a proven technique that will give seagulls the message that the area is occupied by a predator, even when there is an abundance of food available. While hawks can be used, they do have a limited impact, so when it comes to seagull control, ideally falcons must be used for effective gull control where it is practical.

Using a natural threat like falconry is the most humane and effective way to rid your business, property or location of pest seagulls on a long-term basis.

Seagull falconry solutions

Our falconry experts will design a special program to manipulate the seagulls, forcing them to change often long habituated behaviours, so they choose somewhere else to nest, roost or feed.

With 30 years of experience using birds of prey as a natural pest bird control solution, our bird control teams are exceedingly successful. We can advise when and where falconry for seagulls will be most effective, with the knowledge that all our bird of prey operatives are fully trained and experienced in using hawks and falcons. 

Falconry is an effective method of re-educating and deterring seagulls and we offer a 5 year programme to manage the site and remove all pest birds. The more intensive the falconry the better the results.

Book a free survey, and you’ll also get a risk assessment specifically tailored to your company, site and seagull or pest bird problem. Call 0333 567 2020 for further information on bird control methods, seagull control advice or contact us online.

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