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Do Hawks Get Rid of Pigeons?

The practice of hawking or falconry in bird control is a go to solution, especially if other pest bird control methods are challenging, unsuitable or impossible. Using specially trained hawks and falcons can effectively and humanely get rid of pigeon problems.

Why Does Hawk Bird Control Work?

Nature usually knows best, and hawk bird control uses both the pigeons and the hawk’s natural instincts. Hawks such as Peregrine Falcons and the Harris Hawk are natural predators to pigeons.

Pest control hawks are trained to work in urban and industrial areas, mimicking how they hunt in the wild, flying from perch to perch. Hawking exploits the pest pigeons instinctive fear. The pigeons therefore do whatever is necessary to escape and move away from the threat.

Effective hawk deterrent for pigeons provides a humane solution to remove pigeons from their roosting and nesting sites and prevents their return, exploiting the pest pigeons instinctive fear of hawks.

Lee Rees - Harris HawkHawk Pest Control Advantages

Hawk Control and Bird Proofing Installations

While hawk pest bird control can be used for getting rid of pigeons, it also works well when used in conjunction with other bird control solutions. By using falconry and hawks to clear pest pigeons away from a site, it makes it easier then to remove and clean pigeon droppings (also known as guano) prior to installing a further method of bird proofing. 

Can Hawks get rid of Seagulls?

Like pigeons, seagulls can also be tackled with hawk bird control methods. The main difference is that unlike pigeons, seagulls breed just once a year so when hawking to control seagulls, it’s important to carry this out around their nesting season. However, hawks have a limited impact for deterring seagulls and ideally falcons must be used for effective gull control where it’s practical.

Hawk Pest Control for Pigeons

Using hawks as a deterrent for pigeons is a highly trained but natural pest bird control solution. When carried out by professional and trained birds of prey, hawks can get rid of pigeons, with great results.

One project using hawks to get rid of pigeons at the University of East Anglia saw a 70% reduction in pigeon activity across the site after year one. This was monitored through regular recording and data analysis using geo-tagging software which records bird numbers and monitors activity.

To find out more about hawk pest control, talk to a member of our team by calling 0333 567 2020 or book a site survey today and discover how hawk pigeon control can help you.

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