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How Does Bird Netting Work?

As a form of pest bird control, bird netting is an effective method to bird proof buildings and commercial areas. It is safe to use, and the installation of bird netting is quick and starts working immediately.

Bird netting is one of the most common and utilised bird proofing solutions, with 100% confidence in places where birds are roosting at night, or nesting. It works by physically blocking pest birds from the areas where they are unwanted. Bird control netting is a highly versatile prevention and can be applied in many different settings from buildings and rooftops to multi-storey car parks, hospitals, hotels and many more.

Kier Bird Netting 2Choosing the Right Bird Netting

There are many types of bird netting available, but in order for bird netting to work effectively, the most important element is selecting the right mesh size for the type of pest birds. For example, for the prevention of seagulls, it is recommended to have 75mm mesh, whereas sparrows only require 19mm. If you have more than one type of nuisance bird, the installation of bird netting should accommodate the smallest species of birds. 

A project for Kier Construction Ltd required the design and installation of a bird netting system on a flat roof to enable essential servicing of external roof plant. Seagulls were nesting, roosting and defecating on the newly constructed Exeter Bus & Coach Station.

This commercial bird netting solution involved the installation of 75mm gull deterrent netting systems with stainless steel fixtures and fittings to create a physical barrier in order to prevent gulls from entering the areas beneath. This in turn provided secure protection for the maintenance teams to carry out the essential work required.

Where can bird netting be installed?

The installation of bird netting works in many situations to bird proof buildings in cities such as London where urban pest birds are an issue. Even listed buildings can benefit from the advantages that bird netting offers. When properly installed, bird netting can be virtually invisible, being extremely difficult to see from just a few metres away with a range of colour options to further help the netting blend into the surroundings.

Local Bird Netting Installers Near You

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