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Bird Netting – Your questions answered

What is bird netting?

Bird netting is a very effective form of bird deterrent for a variety of species from pigeons and gulls to sparrows and starlings. It is a cost-effective and efficient way of protecting your site, building or structure from the problems associated with nesting birds, bird guano or droppings and the health risks which can be caused because of unwanted pest birds.

Is bird netting legal?

The control of pest birds such as pigeons, seagulls and other wild birds in the UK is legislated by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), through the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. As such, any professional bird control or pest control company used should be aware of the legal requirements and correct action to be taken to control birds.

When installed correctly and responsibly bird netting is legal. Using the correct size netting for a particular breed of bird and installing the netting so birds cannot be trapped inside are factors to be considered with care by a professional. A bird net maintenance programme is highly recommended to ensure bird netting continues to be safely used.

Is bird netting safe?

Using bird netting as a deterrent to help move birds away from a building or property is safe to use and causes the birds no harm. When correctly installed bird netting does not hurt birds but is simply a method which deters them from landing and establishing a roost on or inside a property.

Is bird netting effective?

Not only is bird netting cost effective, but it’s an extremely effective way to deter birds from roosting and nesting in areas where they are unwanted. It is virtually the only bird control system that can be used with 100% confidence in places where birds are roosting at night, or nesting.

IMG 20210311 WA0030How does bird netting work?

Bird control netting provides a bird proofing solution that puts a physical barrier between the pest bird and its intended roosting or nesting place. Bird netting is well suited to protecting large surface areas of commercial buildings and structures, for example, industrial roofs, car parks, listed buildings, stadiums, canopies and balconies. 

What is the best bird netting?

Polyethylene knotted bird netting is the best bird control netting to install. This is used for its strength and can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. In fact, you can expect a working life of 10 years or more in UK sun conditions. Polyethylene bird netting, when properly installed, can be virtually invisible, being extremely difficult to see from just a few metres away with a range of colour options too.

When to use bird netting?

If you experience the problems associated with roosting and nesting birds such as bird droppings and the associated health risks which can affect your business and customers, it’s time to consider using a bird control system such as bird netting.

Pest bird control management should also focus on prevention and not just the cure. Ensuring areas close by are clean and free from food and rubbish will also help to deter pest birds by removing available food sources. 

Where can I get bird netting?

The bird netting itself is just a small part of the overall system that makes up a netting installation. Careful planning and installation are essential to the success of controlling pest birds. A professional bird control company can provide bird netting and ensure the installation process is followed correctly and humanely to deter the pest birds safely.

How do I find a bird netting installer?

Every bird netting installation will vary from the next and ultimately will need unique design with care taken during the surveying and planning stage.  If you are looking for an experienced bird netting contractor then we can provide a free and comprehensive survey with a risk assessment. This is specifically tailored to your company and the particular needs and budget of your site.

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