Do birds get caught in netting?

Professionally installed bird netting is an effective means of bird control and can be used with 100% confidence in places where birds are roosting or nesting at night.

The type of netting used as a form of pest bird deterrent is different from the residential garden netting used to protect plants, fruit or ponds. Keeping birds off buildings and structures and the problems that pest birds cause can be prevented with bird netting without harming birds.

When installed and maintained correctly bird netting is legal, safe and designed to avoid birds getting caught in netting.

Aldi netting spiking v2Choosing the correct type of bird netting

Bird netting is only effective if you choose the appropriate bird deterrent netting for your location, type of pest birds and the right type of bird netting. As a professional bird control company, we can advise and evaluate the different sizes of bird netting for your bird problems and location. Here’s why these factors affect the type of bird netting required:

Bird netting installation

If bird netting is installed correctly and responsibly it is legal and safe and does not hurt birds. It is a bird deterrent method, which simply discourages pest birds from landing and establishing a roost or nesting in or on a property.

With careful planning and understanding the technical specifications for the right netting will ensure birds do not get caught in the netting. The site and location surveying and planning phase is key to a successful installation.

Maintaining bird netting  

A bird net maintenance programme is highly recommended to ensure bird netting continues to be safely used. Problems may arise if the netting gets damaged and is not repaired. This can leave gaps where birds are able to enter and become trapped. If the netting is not checked or maintained, there is a risk that birds may suffer or even die from injury or starvation.

It’s important to remember it is an offence, except under licence, to intentionally kill or injure any wild bird. You should always consult a professional bird control company for advice.

If you have any bird netting questions, our bird control experts are happy to help, if you’d like to get in touch, call us on 0333 567 2020.

We can provide a comprehensive survey with a risk assessment on the type of bird netting required to ensure no birds get caught in the netting while humanely stopping your pest bird problems.

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