Bed Bug Issues

Have you got bed bugs in yBed bugsour home?

Bed bugs in your home can be extremely distressing. The parasites get everywhere – whether that’s on your mattresses, clothing, furniture, skirting boards and even under loose wallpaper!

Reports of the occurrence of bed bugs is increasing due to the frequency of travel and the use of second-hand furniture. The insects ‘hitchhike’ from place to place – stowing away on luggage, rucksacks and clothesBed bug infestations are particularly prevalent where there is high human traffic for example in blocks of flats hotels, B&B’s and public transportThe nocturnal insects crawl from room to room in search of food, which can rapidly result in an infestation of your entire property. 

Removing bed bugs is a complex processThe pests are becoming more resistant and immune to certain treatment products. You need to enlist the help of a professional to eradicate all adult bed bugs and their hundreds of unhatched eggs. Our experienced local operatives are highly trained to safely eliminate the pests. We use the most advanced control solutions in the industry to remove bed bugs at any life cyclesWe also provide expert advice to prevent any further problems in your home 

Book a bed bug treatment online today, so you can sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite! 

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