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Water Management Specialist - Pigeon Fouling

Preventing Delay to Project Due to Pigeons

NBC Environment were contacted by the client to advise and provide a solution to remove the risk of pigeon fouling ahead a major structural project due to commence.

The 50-year-old wet well and pumping station had been left in a state of despair following advances in technology, however works were planned to start a refurbishment on the building, bringing it back operationally.

To do this scaffolding was due to be erected, however upon entry to the building it was apparent feral pigeons had taken the site over, defacing the property, not only unsightly but extremely hazardous to health.

With scaffolding due to be erected within two days, and the building contractors to be on site the very next day, there was a real risk of a serious delay to the project.

Our Solution

The building was above an open wet well. We were unable to openly spray avicide remover around the building to ensure we did not risk any of the product entering the water network.

NBC consulted with the client, completing an urgent survey, attending site within 4 hours of the call being raised. From here we were able to ascertain the level of damage due to the bulk fouling.

Following the survey and commitment from the client we mobilised a team of wildlife experts to site within 24 working hours to ensure the building was safe for the scaffolding contractors to commence works on their day 1 of the project.

The services provided to the client allowed us to complete a full bulk fouling removal and biocide clean within 24 working hours of the call being raised.

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