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Wasp Risk for Allergic Reaction

Wasps Causing Risk for Family

The customer had issues with wasps in their property, suspected to be coming through an air vent. The customers child also had an extreme allergy to wasps.

After carrying out a thorough inspection of property, we concluded that the activity was around an air vent in the brick work which is a common issue to experience. It was critical that we were on site as a priority as the customer child had an extreme allergy to wasp stings and the presence of them was causing a lot of distress and anxiety.

Our Solution

Our first step is always to identify the wasp species present, to ensure that we are using the correct insecticides and that they used responsibly. Using specialist long reach equipment we were able to apply insecticide accurately to the area, whilst keeping our workforce safe from any stings. The PPE our operative was wearing then acted as a final barrier of protection from any stings.

The nest was treated and the wasps have since not been a problem for the customer.

After scoring the overall experience as a 10/10, the customer commented;

“Really nice and friendly guy, nothing was too much trouble. Excellent customer service’”

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