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VPS - Pigeon Droppings Problem

Pigeons Fouling Over Main Entrance to Property

VPS - Vacant Property Services are the trusted specialists in protection of people, property and assets on a temporary basis. They work in close partnership with their customers and potential customers and their needs. They provide services that aim to significantly reduce the costs of securing, protecting and maintaining the value of the property and the assets. 

VPS were showing potential buyers around a property. Upon arrival the main entrance door area was filled with pigeon guano and first impressions count. VPS contacted NBC and urgently requested their help as their buyer was due to arrive that morning.

The main challenge our expert Manchester team who cover Southport had to overcome is "can we do this before their customer arrives"?

Our Solution

With our wide staff network and the eagerness to help our customers at every opportunity our motto is "if we can we will". We got the call at 7am and 2 x technicians arrived at 8am to do a full clean and removal of all pigeon fouling including a full spray of biocide to remove all the germs and bacteria that pigeon guano contains. The customer was exceptionally pleased and we are pleased to report the buyers went on to purchase the property.
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