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Rodents in Loft Space

Rodents Cause Fire Risk

The customer had historic issues with rodents within her property and reported her issues to NBC. The rodents were heard within the loft spaces of her house and could be heard at night time scratching on the surfaces within the floor space. The customer was concerned of the fire risk of gnawing through cables and also the health risks of having rodents within the house.

It was crucial that on our first visit to a property with a rodent issue we carry out a thorough investigation to ascertain the species involved and also any possible access routes or travel systems implemented. This is especially important with a property that has historic issues.

Our Solution

Once our Norwich team carried out the initial survey on site and ascertained any access routes we recommended additional preventative works and also installed bait boxes in the relevant position. We then used a block formulation bait. These two methods combined mean that we tried to exclude the rodents from the property and deal with any that are in the property.

As you can see from the gallery images, we had a lot of take on the baiting points installed. This is due to our inspection at the beginning of the program highlighting the activity and the transport routes to help us with installing the boxes in the correct place.

After scoring the overall experience as a 10/10, the customer commented that “Really Knowledgeable and learn an awful lot from the operative”

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