Cockroach Control

Rodent and Cockroach Infestation at Transfer Site

Rodents and cockroaches causing issues for Biffa

Biffa Bursom is a large transfer station based in Leicester. It is comprised of offices, workshop, recycling facility and the transfer station itself. 

Project Overview

In 2020, NBC were contacted directly from the site as they were experiencing a large rodent infestation together with a German cockroach problem and current measures were not having an impact. A thorough survey of the site for both issues highlighted several potential causative factors, made several recommendations to the site, and proposed separate intensive treatments for both pest species.

Our Solution

NBC are different, we start at the beginning with root cause analysis to fully understand not only how to control the issue, but to give longevity to any action we take.  Understanding the root cause is proactive, knowing the pest and how it is using your premises allows us to work with you to ensure are control programs have sufficient depth and intensity to fully treat your pest problem. Our proven approach to pest management considers chemical and lethal controls last and is designed around environmental stewardship within our industry which seeks to eliminate the negative effects that pesticides can have on non-target wildlife.

With that in mind, The site were able to make a number of changes, acting on our recommendations, which enabled us to put together a suitable programme of works to tackle the issues and regain control – the site are now back on the monitoring schedule with us having achieved our objectives.

NBC have also been on hand to carry out reactive works such as fly sprays, anti viral treatments to vehicles and were even able to assist during the early stages of the pandemic last year when there were PPE/sanitiser shortages – whatever the requirements we are always on hand to protect your business.

Darren Holt, compliance manager for the site, had this to say:

"I arrived at Biffa Leicester in early 2019 and immediately noted we not only had a serious rodent issue, but a major cockroach infestation across the whole site. At that time we were under a company via our FM supplier, their efforts were ineffective and had difficulty with the site and the sheer size of the problem, which was only escalating.

Our FM supplier was confident in the pest control company and that the issue would improve quickly, so we gave them time. We reviewed the situation and the number of environmental complaints we had received from staff and visitors to the site and decided to take action.

I contacted NBC who I had previous experience of in early 2020 and met with their Contracts Manager who guaranteed us that immediate improvements could be made as they had experience of the site, and knew the problem areas. We left our FM supplier for pest control and set up a local agreement with NBC who set about reviewing the situation, they made recommendations to us which we immediately followed through with.

NBC put a programme together to attack the issues and made immediate inroads, we quickly saw cockroaches disappear from the offices, control room and facilities. Rat numbers hugely reduced and sightings have almost disappeared recently. Environmental complaints from staff and visitors stopped too.

COVID-19 obviously impacted the site, staff and its visitors, but NBC have stayed strong, kept true and followed through on their promises. The NBC technicians have been brilliant throughout, their vigilance and reporting have ensured that the improvements made have been maintained.  "

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