Vehicle disinfection for Waste Management Fleet

Protecting staff from Coronavirus through vehicle disinfection 

NBC were called in to one of the UK’s largest waste management sites to carry out vehicle disinfecting. There was concern amongst some employees who are using the same fleet vehicles at different times regarding the potential spread of the virus. The virus could spread from employee to employee as the virus is able to live on different regular touch points within the vehicle cabs for up to 9 days. The virus can actually live on handles and non-porous surfaces for over 4 days and on glass for as many as 9 days.

Project overview

With 60 vehicles on site ranging from plant machinery such as forklifts, waste vehicles such as bin lorries and other HGV’s and all being used at separate times, NBC had to find suitable times to treat the whole fleet with a virus disinfecting and decontamination treatment to eradicate any traces of the virus.

Our solution

The solution was to spray every single vehicle at the site with an electrostatic treatment that would eradicate traces of any virus as well as wiping all other touch points which would leave a residue on the surfaces for up to 7 days to prevent any potential transfer of the virus.

The work was carried out across 3 days to ensure every vehicle within the fleet was treated. This action was also then visible to employees at the site providing the reassurances that their employer was taking action and the appropriate steps to try and ensure their well-being.

The client was also keen to find appropriate PPE that could be used by staff but it was proving difficult to source. As a result of NBC’s work and suppliers, we were able to find a line of supply for PPE equipment which provided further protection and reassurances for staff.

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