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Rat Problem for Council

Rat Problem in Houses

NBC Environment were contacted by a local council regarding an increase in rats in the local area which were entering peoples property and causing concern with the local residents.

Having rats visible in residential areas causes concern on many levels. People are scared the rats might be able to enter their homes, cause them to lose sleep imagining where the rats might be and what damage they might cause. Rats might damage their property through their gnawing, eating their garden vegetables or contaminating them or contaminating touch surfaces as they climb and search out food and water whilst spreading disease. People who have pets or small children are scared to allow them outside unsupervised in case they encounter a rat. People are scared that even seeing one rat might mean there could be many more soon.

Our task was to establish the extent of the problem, understand why it might have arisen and put in a programme to eradicate.

Our Solution

NBC Environment surveyed the property of a complaint and asked questions of several neighbours about the sightings in the area and to ask if anyone had recently had work done i.e. building an extension which can create an issue with damaged drains.

It was during one of those conversations someone mentioned some nearby road resurfacing.

Whilst walking along the new stretch of road a rat was seen exiting a road drain and on closer inspection there was a run of three drains which were part-filled with tar. This was the source and allowing the rats easy egress from the main drain system and why they were being seen exploring the nearby gardens.

The council was contacted and the roads contractor was called back to clear the drains which then stops the rats from climbing out into the nearby gardens.

This demonstrates how a simple investigation can produce a permanent solution with little to no cost to the council or residents and it meant that no poison was needed to treat the problem protecting the wildlife and environment by simply treating the cause instead of constantly having some other pest companies who might continue to try to treat the symptom costing lots of money and using excessive amounts of poison which could impact non target species.

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