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Pigeons Accessing Grain Distribution Area

Proofing to Prevent Pigeons

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Large flock of Feral Pigeon (Columba livia domestica) were entering the external grain distribution silo areas to feed on the abundant grain food source being offered as the large HGV vehicles load and unload.

This was resulting in a large accumulation of bulk feral pigeon faeces build-up hazardous to human health on and around the grain silos with a risk of livestock feed contamination. In places the grain silo gantry walkway to service the units was inaccessible due to the high level of historic bulk faeces which wass inches deep.

The main challenge our expert team had to overcome is that this is a 24 hour operation which large HGV vehicles constantly requiring access to the area to load and unload livestock grain feed.

Our Solution

After a thorough site survey inspection, NBC designed and installed a complete Bird net system to the underside external canopy above the grain silos and also to the external lift shaft of the silos. We also applied a Bird spike system to the upper area of the automated roller shutters in order to dent all further access to the area by feral pigeons.

Due to the complicated access and regular requirement to pause the project to allow the constant flow of HGV vehicles to complete their loading and unloading, the project was completed within the allocated time and also within the client budget without any disruption to the clients operational activities which if delayed could have financial implications.

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