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Pigeon Issues for New Building at Leeds University

Pigeons causing issues at Leeds University in multi-million pound new build

Feral pigeons started nesting inside the new building recently built called Bragg. Within weeks pigeons were flying over, fouling, roosting and nesting causing damage and a lot of cleaning bills. This needed to be resolved before numbers increased. Pigeon excreta is very dangerous when disturbed so NBC Environment was happy to help with this huge project of making this clean and safe for contractors to enter to complete their works.   

Our Solution

We firstly had to remove all the nests and pigeon guano to make the area safe for the NBC northern team staff to work here. This was done by using a biocide to clean up all the mess and poles / bags to remove any debris that could cause a nest. Once done a full design of the area was completed to totally net off the whole area preventing pest pigeons from entering this area. Our technicians supplied and installed 50x50mm pigeon net along with stainless steel fixings (due to outside work) and covered the whole area of concern making it impossible for the pigeons to return and cause any issues. The northern team completed these works in 2 weeks and will go back each month to complete a net maintenance and service check to make sure its all safe and no rips or tears are present.

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