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Pigeon Control at Baronsquay Shopping Centre

Preventing Pigeons at the Shopping Centre

Historically Baronsquay have always had a very high pigeon population on the site. During the Coronavirus pandemic the problem began to escalate not only in numbers but also with the amount of fouling around the site. Once visitors returned to the shopping centre, the pigeon problem needed to be dealt with to protect the safety of customers from the issues the droppings can cause in terms of the fungal particles that can become airborne and inhaled as well as the droppings being a slip hazard.

Project Overview

Above the shopping centre on the roof were 12 separate plant rooms where the pigeons were nesting and calling home! For the infestation to be removed this the area had to be be made inaccessible to the pigeons. 

Our Solution

The best option was to bird proof these areas and clean up the mess they had created. Our Northern operations team attended the site to install stainless steel wire mesh around the bottom of each plant room preventing pigeon access. Once completed the hazardous pigeon guano was safely removed and treated  with a biocide making it safe for all contractors and staff to enter should they need to. All waste was double bagged and taken away by a hazardous waste company.

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