Net proofing v2

Nesting Gulls at Distribution Centre

Protecting Building from Roosting Gulls

Our customer used to have an asbestos roof in place and recently upgraded to a metal skinned roof. Nesting gulls had previously caused some issues due to the debris and nests being washed down in to the gullies and causing internal flooding. Although no stock was compromised as a result of this flooding it was apparent that next time may not have the same result.

Our Solution

The roof has 3 low angled pitches on, and the customer wished for the net to be as discreet as possible with the lowest profile possible, whilst still allowing access to the gullies for maintenance as and when required. Also works were going ahead very close to the nesting season so NBC needed to mobilise and organise operations as quickly as possible whilst still maintaining safe practices of work.

We placed the parameter mounts as close to the roof edge as possible to create the optimum angle on the outside edge to prevent Gulls from roosting. With small ridge mount across each of the 3 pitches we were able to keep the net close to the roof with the lowest profile and discretion in the installation. 75MM gull net was placed across the entire roof and down the sides to prevent access from the Gulls, and with the use of stainless steel fixings throughout the project, we have ensured that the net had the best longevity possible, especially being so close to the sea.

With our bird proofing expertise we were able to finish the project on time and on budget as surveyed. Our knowledge of the high risk areas in which birds could move to has ensured that the problem has been solved by client, not just simply moved.

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