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Fly Problem for Power Generation Facility

Flies Cause Health and Safety Risk

Our customer had a significant increase in flies around the property which can be a consequence of the environment and materials that are brought into the facility. The population of flies had increased massively with this causing a health and safety issue as well as a general nuisance.

With a site like this, there was a fully automated fire alarm system that can shut down the plant and arrange emergency services to attend site. It was therefore imperative that during the treatment and for a small amount of time afterwards, these fire alarms were isolated. A high number of workforce on site during the day also meant that treatment in normal working hours was not possible

Our Solution

Our Norwich team's first point was to isolate the fire alarms during treatment and for an agreed period of time afterwards. These rooms were then remotely monitored with cameras to check on any issues arising that could cause a fire in those hours. After this we utilised single release insecticide into the area that applies an instant knockdown treatment using an aerosol, meaning the chemical can fill a room and kill the flies. Lastly we applied a residual chemical to specific areas. The result of this was that the residual values meant that the chemical and treatment was working long after we left site.

The flies in the buildings were killed and additional ones removed that have come into contact with the residual chemical.

The client commented “A BIG thank you to Gary and his team for such as fast response and excellent outcome”

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