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Fly infestation within high security offices

We were contacted by our client who were experiencing a problem with flies in their offices. Upon NBC Environment's survey, there was a clear infestation of Cluster Fliers (Pollenia)

Project overview

Due to the nature of the client and the very high security levels, carrying out any works were very challenging. Cluster flies are a nuisance because they live a long time. In fact, most other flies live less than three months. Cluster flies, however, can live for two years or more. To endure the harsh winter, they will hibernate. Appearing in spring, cluster flies will begin to lay eggs outside and will hibernate in your premises nearing winter, around August time.

Our solution

NBC Environment provided the client a programmed solution of control measures as follows:

  1. Carry out regular spraying treatment against cluster flies using an application of insecticide and wipe down of widow frames from November through to March during cluster fly season). (This treatment was to address the initial infestation levels in the various offices.)
  2. Provision of electronic fly control devices (EFK's) to further control any future infestations which take place during the cluster fly season.
  3. Provide the client with a regular maintenance & servicing programme of the installed electronic fly control units to ensure effective control measures are maintained.

The client is very happy with the control measures that NBC have put into place to control the infestation and are able to work comfortably in the offices without interruption from flies.

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