Pest Control in London - A Guide

Pests get everywhere and London like many other busy cities and areas within the UK - has its fair share of pest infestations and pest bird problems.

London has dense urban population. In 2022, the metro area of London had a population of 9,541,000 and is continuing to grow.

More people mean more pests and vermin like rats, mice, and pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs, foxes and nuisance birds. One of the biggest causes of pests in London and urban areas isn’t because people are ‘unclean’, but these pests find what they need in the form of a plentiful food source and a safe place to hide and live.

London’s top pest problems

Whether you’ve got wasps in Westminster, pigeons in Paddington or foxes in Fulham, there are some pest problems that keep London’s pest control services busy.

Brown RatRats - One of London’s most requested pest control services are for rats. While this probably isn’t a surprise it is a growing problem. It’s estimated that there are two rats for every person in London! The common brown rat is the main culprit and is increasing dramatically around London and the surrounding boroughs. They live in roof spaces, walls, under floors and are often found in sewer systems and drains, driven by the abundance of food, water  and shelter.

Cockroaches – With the huge number of restaurants, cafes, diners and takeaways in London, it’s cockroach heaven! Add to this the cockroaches rapid breeding ability and these touch critters are a pest infestation you don’t want in your home or business. London is rife with cockroaches and thrive due to their ability to exploit dark and damp cracks to shelter.

Pigeons – Once a visitor attraction in London, pigeons are an urban pest bird problem in the many London parks and historic buildings. Today, they are well known for the costly damage they cause to structures and buildings. Alongside this, you have the diseases and health hazards from pigeon guano, more commonly known as pigeon poop.

Foxes – Urban foxes in London are common night time visitor to many London garden flats and homes. Often seen rooting through rubbish bins or digging up gardens, foxes are more of a nuisance than a hazard, but once again the abundance of food waste is the cause.

Bed Bugs - An infestation of bed bugs is not uncommon in densely populated cities and London is no exception. The large number of rental properties and rented accommodation is usually where the bed bugs find a home, however, they have also been found on seats of public transport – commonly know as the ‘hitch hiker pest’

Our expert London pest control team are specialists at dealing with all the above pesky pests. 

Commercial pest control services in London

With over 5 million different businesses in London, it’s not only the eating out places that contribute to London’s pest problems. Whether you are in an office, retail outlet, industrial premises or the food and hospitality industry, your business or organisation can be susceptible to a pest infestation. Read more about how you can help to prevent pests that affect your commercial premises and business here.

London pest control for homes and residential properties

If you live in London, it is likely at some point you’ll have pest problem in your home, flat or garden. While it can be worrying or upsetting, our friendly team of London pest control experts can advise, exterminate, and return your home back to normal.

For further advice and information on any type of pest control, or to book an initial survey in London, call us on 0333 567 2020, or contact us today.

Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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