How often should commercial pest control be done?

Ever heard the phrase prevention is better that cure? It’s good advice, but when it comes to pest control, we generally need to find a cure for the problem and then implement prevention measures.

A question we are regularly asked by customers is how often should commercial pest control be done? There’s not a one rule fits all answer here and it will depend on many factors including:  

Preventative maintenance

Taking preventative measures is key to ensuring pests stay away, whether that’s rodents, insects or pest birds. Without careful monitoring by pest control experts who are knowledgeable and qualified, the pests can return. Performing regular site risk assessment surveys and giving ongoing tailored advice is essential to prevent reinfestations. 

Protecting your business and the environment in which employees and customers are safe is fundamental. Pest management service programs can offer annual, quarterly, or monthly visits to ensure your commercial premises remain free of any unwanted intruders. 

Control programs

At NBC Environment we always begin with the root cause to fully understand not only how to control the pest issue, but to give longevity to any action taken. Knowing the pest and how it is using your premises allows us to work with you to ensure our control programs have sufficient depth and intensity to fully treat your pest problem.

It is important to design a monitoring framework and service program that is site and pest specific, not generic and ‘off the shelf’. By implementing monitoring and reviewing the framework and program, we allow for flexibility to alter, tweak and change the pest control methods used as the situation evolves over time. 

Why is pest control essential?

Pest control is important whatever the type of pests, as not only are they a nuisance but can pose a real danger to health, spreading many forms of disease and harmful bacteria. They can also cause damage to buildings and the structure of commercial premises.

Additionally, left unattended, a pest problem will only get worse and however prosperous and respectable the business is, sooner or later those pests will affect it. Additionally, there are specific rules for businesses such as food hygiene legislation, which states that businesses must ensure protection against pests and have adequate procedures in place to ensure they are controlled.

Southampton Hospital Bird control 3How often should commercial pest control be done?

An example is Southampton University Hospital who we have been working alongside over the last 6 years providing an integrated bird and pest management programme. It has significantly reduced health and safety risks associated with nuisance birds, to patients, staff, and visitors.

The ongoing solution and maintenance control was the ethical approach of using a bespoke falconry management programme. Since starting the programme back in 2015 with over 200 feral pigeons on site, we now have a daily population of only 8! 

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