How much does bird netting installation cost?

The question “how much does bird netting installation cost?” is like asking “how long is a piece of string?” or should that be how long a piece of netting is! 

Let’s start with the fact that bird netting installation is a very affordable method of bird control, especially on commercial buildings. More importantly, it is one of the most effective ways to deter pest birds too and be used with 100% confidence in places where birds are roosting at night, or nesting.

As most bird netting is made to order, the overall cost will depend on the size of netting required, number of fixings and the characteristics of your building or area to be protected.

Bird NettingHow to minimise the cost of bird netting?

To keep the cost of bird netting installation down, the use of rope access teams can be utilised when dealing with high multi-storey installations, especially where powered access cannot be used. Rope access removes the need for expensive and unsightly scaffolding, reducing both the installation time and cost.

Using the largest possible mesh size applicable to the species of bird concerned can reduce cost. However, it is essential to select the appropriate mesh size for the species of bird concerned, otherwise the netting will be ineffective.

When fixing bird netting to roofs, building fascias, ledges, eaves or chimneys using high-quality steel fittings is fundamental and bird netting should always be installed by a professional bird control company.

Careful planning can minimise the cost of bird netting, for example adding access zips into the netting to allow for maintenance access. This will help prevent damage to the nets in the future by other tradespeople cutting their own holes.

How long does bird netting last?

Being a robust bird control deterrent, ensures that the bird netting installed will continue to work for over a decade or more in the UK weather and sun conditions. Bird nets do not get damaged by harmful UV rays either. This makes bird netting a cost effective and long-term solution to bird proofing buildings and commercial premises from shopping centres and car parks to roofs and stadiums.

If bird netting is damaged, gets snagged or vandalised, it can be repaired, giving cost savings over installing a full net replacement. 

At NBC we guarantee bird netting installation, if our recommendations and net maintenance programme is implemented for 10 years.

Our bird netting guide can help answer any further questions you may have on how bird netting works.

How to find bird netting contractors near me…

If you are looking for an experienced bird netting contractor then we can provide a comprehensive survey, complete with a risk assessment. This is specifically tailored to your company, your bird deterrent requirements, and your budget. 

As a nationwide bird control company, our local bird netting installers are throughout the UK in LondonManchester, BirminghamEdinburgh and Glasgow. They are are available in your area for advice and quotes, call 0333 567 2020 or contact us online


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