Does bird repellent gel work?

Bird repellent gel is a relatively new bird deterrent method and extremely effective. Also known as ‘fire gel’, bird free gel has been developed by scientists and is an innovative addition to bird control services. 

How does bird repellent gel work?

Birds see in the ultra violet spectrum, so like using a UV light, when birds see bird repellent gel, to them it appears as little balls of fire. Hence the name ‘fire gel’, and when placed in small pots, birds avoid the flames they see from the gel and move to a safer location. 

In addition to the visual deterrent, to alters birds’ behaviour further, bird free gel is made from natural oils’ which both smell and taste repugnant to the birds.

Where can you use bird repellent gel? 

Bristol Hospital bird gel repellentBeing an extremely versatile bird deterrent, bird repellent gel can be used indoors and outdoors. The bird free gel is placed in unobtrusive small low-profile dishes, making bird repellent gel an ideal bird control service in public places such as shops, offices, bars and restaurants.

Moreover, bird free gel has been installed at thousands of commercial sites from airports, and railway stations to docks and many other locations. In fact, anywhere where nuisance birds such as seagulls or pigeons cause problems and health hazards. 

Whether bird gel is used on its own or in conjunction with other methods of bird control, it will eliminate even the most severe infestations of pest birds.

Does bird repellent gel harm birds?

As with all bird pest control services, birds are not harmed by bird gel as it is non-toxic, and has no adverse effects on the environment either.

By using food-grade natural oils to create bird free gel, it keeps pigeons, gulls and other problem bird species aways from public places, buildings or structures without harming them.

How to install bird free gel? 

Bird free gel is an easy and quick bird deterrent to install in a huge variety of places. The dishes in which the bird gel is placed are magnetic, so they can be used on steel structures like bridges and buildings or with hooks as a deterrent in trees.

With no drilling needed the dishes don’t impact on their surroundings or buildings where they are placed. The bird gel can be installed on slopes or even upside down for maximum impact.

Other advantages for using bird free gel

Bird repellent gel is an instant and quick acting solution to a pest bird problem. If left undisturbed the gel remains completely effective for at least two years after professional installation. This makes bird free gel a cost-effective solution too, as the oils contained in the gel form a film that makes it waterproof and prevents evaporation.

Alongside, the unintrusive installation process and the fact that the dishes are low-profile ensure there is minimal visual impact. Being virtually invisible from the ground, bird gel is often the preferred choice of bird control for historic or listed buildings.

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Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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