Do bird spikes scare seagulls?

While seagulls might be a nice feature of a seaside holiday, if you are a business owner or live near a coastline or urban environment with seagulls, at best they can be a nuisance but on the flip side, they really can pose a threat. 

Urban seagull control works to alleviate seagull problems using gull deterrent methods which can include:

One of the best seagull deterrents to stop gulls from landing, roosting or perching on your property is bird spikes. These are totally harmless and a humane way to prevent or scare seagulls into moving on. Bird spiking also prevents the destruction they can cause, whether this is to business premises, public spaces or homes.

seagulls 668786 1920What problems do seagulls cause?

We all know seagulls can be noisy, but when you’re living with that noise constantly, not only can it be irritating but it can be deafening especially during their nesting season. Then when gulls nest on a property, the debris can block downpipes and guttering.  Seagulls will also often attack people during the nesting season to protect their nests too.

Seagull guano is a big problem, while it is unsightly the bigger threat is the potential health risk it poses. It is also potent stuff, and the acidic nature of seagull guano can damage vehicles and buildings. This results in expensive repairs and cleaning bills.

How do bird spikes scare seagulls?

Bird spikes are a versatile and economical form of bird proofing, and they work as a deterrent to prevent gulls from landing on a building, location, or area. Essentially, by installing bird spiking it makes it impossible for seagulls to land. The feet of gulls are not adapted for landing on spikey branches, and this is why bird spikes work better as a seagull deterrent rather than for smaller birds.

If they can’t land, they also can’t roost or build nests either and the seagulls will move on to find a more suitable location.

Whilst bird spikes may look dangerous, they in no way harm seagulls and in fact, the RSPB recommend bird spikes as a method of pest control for long-term bird proofing. If you have any further questions about bird spikes, read our bird spike guide which answers many common issues about bird spiking from installation to costs. 

You can find out more about how to get rid of seagulls here, or talk to our bird spiking experts at NBC Environment. We’re specialists in installing bird spikes to deter seagulls, pigeons and other pest birds. 

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Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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