Bird Spikes – Your questions and answers

Bird spikes are used by many businesses in both urban and rural areas and have many advantages as a safe and effective bird deterrent.

Whilst bird spikes are widely used in the UK, we are often asked questions concerning pigeon and bird spikes, so here’s some of the answers and benefits of installing spikes.

Are bird spikes legal?

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 all birds are protected, even pigeons. Bird spikes are indeed legal in the UK and do not cause harm to pigeons or other birds. They are a successful and harmless method of bird control and simply deter pigeons or gulls from roosting and nesting on buildings and structures. Bird spikes are also recommended by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) as a long term bird proofing method.

Are bird spikes humane? 

Whilst bird spikes and pigeon spikes may look severe, they do not hurt birds, but prevent them from being able to land. They act as a bird deterrent to encourage them to move on to another location and are in no way cruel. Birds spike don’t injure or harm birds, but the birds quickly learn that the area cannot be perched on. The spikes simply act as a visual and physical barrier and therefore are safe and humane for all birds.

Bird SpikesDo bird spikes work? 

Bird Spikes, or pigeon spikes provide an extremely effective bird deterrent and it one of best ways of bird proofing a building if you are experience feral pigeon or seagull problems.

The benefits of bird spikes are many, from their versatility and ease of installation to the durability and low maintenance once fixed in place. They can also be used in conjunction with other pest bird control methods.

How much does it cost to install bird spikes?

When it comes to installing bird spikes, you’ll find them one of the most economical ways of achieving long term bird proofing. If you’ve experienced the damage that feral pigeons cause to buildings, you’ll understand that the cost of installing bird spikes is very inexpensive compared to damage that can be inflicted by pigeons.

Every bird spike installation is different, get a free site survey and quote for your pest bird control problem today.

How to install bird spikes?

Bird spikes are easy to install, require minimum effort to maintain, and are remarkably effective. They cause no damage to property and the strips of spikes can be fixed to almost any surface.

The stainless steel wires and ultra violet stabilised plastic bases ensure the durability bird spikes and once installed can assist in bird control as a successful deterrent for many years.

Our nationwide Teams of bird proofing experts will work with you to ensure bird spiking is the right solution for you. All of our bird spike installations are guaranteed from the moment we commence installation and completed by qualified and experienced bird control technicians.

Where can I install bird spikes? 

Typically, pigeon spikes and bird spikes can be used on walls, ledges, roofs, on top of CCTV cameras, solar panels, air conditioning units and even on commercial signs to deter pigeons and birds.

In fact bird spikes can be used on virtually any building ledge, beam, pipe or other surface where birds land, roost or nest. With different sizes of bird spikes, you can install spikes on wide or narrow ledges and protect gutters and down pipes.

Where can I get bird spikes?

At NBC Environment, we have been installing bird spiking and providing bird control solutions since 1993 and are the UK’s leading bird proofing experts.

Call us on 0333 567 2020 or get in touch for further advice on bird spikes for a professional and effective bird control solution. We are happy to provide a free site survey to establish the most effective solution for your bird control problem.

Author: NBC Environment/Orkin

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