Bird Pest Control – Your Questions Answered

What is pest bird control?

There are various methods of pest bird control aimed to humanely remove and deter pest birds from landing, roosting and nesting in the wrong locations.

Birds such as pigeons and seagulls can become a real nuisance for a business, office or indeed any site where they are causing issues, but it’s not just the mess they make. They can also damage property, be a real health hazard and affect the reputation of a business - even drive away customers.

Commercial bird control offers effective solutions to solve a pest bird problem in a safe and controlled way, ensuring no harm to the birds, encouraging them away from the area where the problems are being caused.

IMG 20210311 WA0030What bird control products work?

Typical pest bird control and bird deterrent measures will vary depending on the different species of bird, the site and the issues being experienced. Birds usually adapt quickly to most bird control devices (known as habituation.) They modify their behaviours after exposure to the threats – good bird control is all about changing these behaviours and modifying our methods to suit.

Adopting the correct bird control measures, will ensure that pest birds change those behaviours, sometimes within weeks of exposure to bird control devices, such as acoustic bird scaring or falconry – Falconry being a natural method of bird control using nature’s instincts.

Other bird control products such as the bird proofing solutions of bird nettingbird wire and bird spiking work instantly, preventing pest birds from returning to their roosting areas.

What is bird control netting?

Bird control netting is an effective method to deter many species of birds from pigeons and gulls to sparrows and starlings. Once installed, bird netting offers immediate protection of a site, building or structure from the problems associated with nesting birds, bird droppings and the health risks caused by unwanted pest birds. You can find more information on bird control netting here as a form of bird pest control. 

What are the main bird control methods?

Bird pest control methods include physical deterrents, visual deterrents, multi-sensory deterrents, sonic devices, falconry and gels. Here’s some of the common bird control techniques used:

What is the difference between bird control and pest control?

Like any form of pest control, whether this is rodents, insects or birds - these animals have habituated to areas that cause problems to people’s lives and businesses. Bird control is simply another form of pest control when birds inhabit a location or site where they can cause danger or a become hazard, such as airports, offices, farms or industrial sites. NBC find ethical solutions to wildlife risks.

How much does bird control cost?

When looking at the impact on your business, pest bird control services are largely cost effective, but every bird control solution is different. There’s not a one price fits all, that’s why we offer a free comprehensive survey, complete with a risk assessment specifically tailored to your company, site and particular pest bird problem.

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