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Mole Control


Effective Mole Control

The European Mole (Garden mole) is rarely seen but the first signs of moles is underground activity. They dig out a system of tunnels and chambers, and dispose of the excavated soil by throwing up molehills. Molehills can quickly wreck gardens, sports fields, playing fields and crops. A mole’s unseen tunnelling will damage root systems of plants and seedlings as well as uncover stones and debris that could damage garden or farm machinery.

If you are a business that uses fielded areas for sports, recreational or agricultural activities our expert teams understand that a mole problem can affect your reputation as well as your income and needs swift treatment.#

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How to get rid of moles:

It is difficult to prevent moles accessing an area. Moles are usually attracted by a ready food source (earthworms) or the need to find a new territory. Our pest control teams can however provide a swift and reliable mole treatment so the disruption to your business is minimised.

We use traditional mole control methods, such as mole traps, to avoid causing unnecessary suffering. Our expert teams will help you identify an effective mole treatment by providing:

  • Fast, reliable same day response with no call out charges
  • A free survey of the site or problem with free estimates
  • Discreet and swift service for sensitive or urgent problems

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