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Insect Control Services

There are around 20,000 different types of known flying and crawling insects in the UK. Urban areas are always attractive to crawling insects as they provide numerous nooks and crannies in which insects can feed, hide and breed. Commercial and domestic day to day activities can act as attractants for crawling insects as well as providing an easy means for transportation to new sites to infest.


Health & Hygiene

If you are a food business you can be at particular risk, especially with regular environmental health audits. Even as a non-food manufacturer you can be at risk of infestation from stored product or textile insects which can damage your products, or biting insects affecting staff and customers. Our insect control services provide our customers peace of mind that they have preventative measures in place to protect their business from infestation.

Our insect control services provide regular insect monitoring visits, to protect your business and customers and prevent infestation outbreaks.  If you are concerned you have a problem or have an upcoming environmental health audit our teams can help. Your local team will provide advice to help you maintain compliance, H&S or identify potential weaknesses that require attention.

Talk to your local NBC branch to arrange a survey or for advice by calling 0333 567 2020.


Signs of an Insect Control Problem

If you are seeing numerous dead or live insects or fecal spotting you may have an infestation or the beginnings of one. You may even see unexplained damaged stock or have customers or staff complaining of bites or itchiness. If you have any of these signs early action is essential to protect your business, your staff and customers and its reputation.

We understand that you may not be able to identify the insect species yourself, it may be too small or you just don’t know. Identifying the exact species is essential for effective control and protection of your business. Our teams provide a free insect identification service for commercial businesses in the UK and will respond quickly to your request. Our team will then swiftly implement an insect control treatment to resolve the pest infestation and protect your business.

You can talk to your local NBC insect control expert to arrange the identification of an insect by calling 0333 567 2020.

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