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Name that falcon!

Name that falcon!

30, May 2017

And you could win a private visit to meet our birds of prey

Our first falcon chick for 2017 is now two weeks old and needs a name!  The majority of birds of prey bred by NBC Environment will be working birds. Falcons and hawks are trained by their falconer to intimidate other birds such as gulls and pigeons.  By creating a perceived threat to these ‘problem birds’ the birds of prey discourage them from environments where they can cause a negative impact on town centres, hospitals, businesses and, of course, people.

First born Falcon - EyasSo this little chick has an important future ahead.  Currently being cared for by Mum, Mojo, alongside three siblings; we’re expecting more chicks to join them soon.

Our newborn is three parts Gyrfalcon and one part Saker falcon.  The Gyrfalcon is the largest falcon in the world and can be found nesting on remote cliffs in the far reaches of Canada and Alaska. The Gyr can chase its prey at breathtaking speeds of up to 130 mph.  Saker falcons are almost as large as Gyrfalcons so it’s likely our chick will grow up to be big, strong and VERY fast.

Once fully grown (at around nine weeks), our chick will start its training so really needs a name: we hoping that YOU can help with suggestions.

How to enter: Please like our Facebook page @NBCEnviro and add a comment with your name suggestion. Even better, tell us why you think your name would suit this fantastic bird as it grows up. Bear in mind that the bird’s handler will be shouting out its name as it flies, so no ‘Falcon, mcfalcon face’ please! We won’t know whether the bird is male or female for a few weeks so it also needs to be unisex.

Our head of falconry, Andy Hulme, will have the final decision on the winning name.

And there’s a prize:  The winner, plus three guests, will be invited to our Mews at Snetterton to meet some of our hawks, falcons and owls; watch them fly and find out all about these magnificent creatures.

The closing date for name suggestions is Friday 30th June 2017.

Full terms and conditions here: Competition T&Cs

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