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Lacon the Falcon!

Lacon the Falcon!

17, August 2017

Winner revealed of ‘Name that Falcon’ competition!

Lacon Gyr Saker Falcon - 14 weeks

Back in May we saw the first clutch of Gyr/Saker Falcons hatch as part of this years NBC breeding programme. We asked for your suggestions to name the first Eyas to hatch. We received many entries and our head Falconer Andy Hulme had a tough decision to make on the winning name. After much deliberation the name ‘Lacon’ was chosen and the lucky winner of our competition was announced. Congratulations to David McDermott.

As part of the competition winners prize, we welcomed David McDermott and his family to NBC HQ yesterday for a Bird of Prey experience day, where they met Lacon! David had told us the inspiration for the name was local company Lacons Brewery! So we chose to surprise him by asking Lacons Brewery to join us on the day, where they generously presented David with Lacon’s t-shirts and a case of Lacons Ale!

Lacons Brewery were honoured to have a falcon named after their brewery. Judi-Mae Alderton of Lacon’s Brewery said “We’re really delighted that the name Lacon was chosen as the winner of this competition. We couldn’t think of a better name because of our Falcon Brewery in Great Yarmouth, our iconic Falcon logo and our award-winning Falcon Ale, all of which are linked to the Lacon family name and motto “in integrity is true honour”. Very fitting for a truly remarkable bird.

Lacon is now 14 weeks old and a fully grown falcon. It’s amazing to see how quickly she has progressed in just over 3 months from the tiny fluffy Eyas to a beautiful young falcon. She is currently being put through her paces in our training programme, once trained she may go to work on larger sites such as waste management sites, power stations and may even be seen on the seafront to deter gulls.

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