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Bird Control

The UK’s bird control experts providing effective solutions

Bird solutions for industries such as aviation, construction, facilities management and commercial property management.

For the last 25 years NBC Environment has been specialising in bird management, and we are now recognised as one of the UK’s foremost authorities on managing bird behaviours. In that capacity, NBC has collaborated with bodies including the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) on research and conservation projects. The NBC company has been built on its love and understanding of birds and this knowledge helps us manage the conflict that can occur between business and wildlife and we try to use our understanding of these birds to ensure solutions that minimise the impact not only to our clients but also bird populations. Problems can stem from their roosting, feeding and nesting activities, which can damage properties, cause disruption to business activities and become an active health and safety risk – either through aggressive behaviours or due to their waste.

Even the smallest bird can potentially bring a project to a halt, as all UK birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This makes it illegal to kill or injure a bird and to move or destroy an active nest. Any business or individual that harms a wild bird or tampers with its nest can be prosecuted. This has significant ramifications for industries such as construction or property management. If young birds are discovered on site, all works must stop until they have fledged – this can delay projects for up to six months: a costly delay for any business.

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“NBC is very professional in their approach. their falconry response has been extremely effective as well as being an exhilarating and educational experience.” DeVere Venues

A detailed knowledge of all relevant legislation ensures licences are in place to undertake bird management activities within the scope of UK law. Our expert knowledge provides a broader range of solutions than perhaps our competitors, with measures that include deterrents such as (non-lethal) falconry and laser systems to modify behaviours and encourage birds not to settle at particular sites. Where appropriate, a service to remove the eggs and nests of many species can be implemented as well.

Expert at bird proofing properties and utilities, we offer a full range of netting, wire, spikes and gels to suit the specific needs of any type of building. Finally, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty – we’re also highly practised in bird dropping removal

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Our bird control services include:

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