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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Solar paneling is a fantastic way to cut your electricity bills and even generate income by selling electricity back to the grid. Theoretically solar panels need little maintenance however we have found that many of the UK’s solar panel installations on residential and commercial buildings have higher than expected maintenance costs due to nuisance birds. Call us on 0333 567 2020 for details and quotes.

Bird Deterrent Solutions for Solar Panel Arrays

There are a variety of bird proofing solutions available for solar paneling to prevent pest birds impacting your solar panel installation and its efficiency. An effective solar panel proofing solution will protect wiring, components, prevent the pest birds from nesting and bringing the associated bird mess, noise and debris.

Our bird proofing teams recommend that a new installation is proofed immediately to prevent a bird problem occurring as it will:

  • save you time and cost due to no additional maintenance being required
  • give you additional savings as our team may be able to utilise the high access equipment already in place

Our Solar Paneling Bird Proofing Solutions

Solar-Panel-Bird-ProofingThere are a number of bird proofing methods, however the most effective is to use a specially designed solar paneling mesh proofing product. The solar proofing mesh provides protection from every type of pest birds. Our solar panel proofing:

  • Is virtually invisible from the ground
  • Can be installed without drilling and screwing preventing any damage
  • Can be secured with clips that won’t scratch the panels
  • Can be removed to allow easy access for servicing
  • Will not invalidate the solar panels warranty

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Why are Pest Birds Attracted to Solar Panel Arrays?

Solar paneling provides a perfect nesting or roosting site in the urban landscape providing shelter and warmth for pigeons and other pest birds. These nuisance birds can build their nest under the panel bringing debris, mites and noise as well as fouling the area and the surface with their droppings. This can result in costly damage requiring repairs to the wiring, panel surface and components.

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