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If you are suffering with pigeon control problems we can complete a bird survey to provide advice and recommendations. Our pigeon control experts will provide a tailored solution using pigeon proofing and/or pigeon deterrents to ensure the health and safety of you site and control of maintenance costs. Our nationwide teams also provide a bird fouling clearance and sanitation service to restore hygiene to affected areas.

Talk to your local NBC bird control team for expert advice or to arrange a bird survey for recommendations by calling 0333 567 2020.

Pigeon Control Methods

Discover ways to deter pigeons from being a problem to your business.

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About Pigeons

Feral pigeons are a constant presence in urban areas having adapted well to the urban environment – multiplying and bringing problems such as swooping, unsanitary droppings, noise and flapping. Feral pigeons get in – and on- all types of roofs, balconies, guttering and when roosting, you will find unsanitary and unsightly pigeon droppings and feathers.

Often feral pigeons are attracted to an area by a food source. Traditionally pigeons’ food is grain and seeds but in urban areas this is substituted with discarded takeaways or dropped food around dustbins.

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