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Nuisance Birds

Many species of bird in the UK are a nuisance creating health and safety problems due to noise, bird droppings, unwanted access to buildings, nesting and in some cases aggressive behaviour towards people. The risk of disease, damage and increase maintenance costs means that effective bird control saves UK businesses time and money as well as ensuring future business continuity.

As the UK’s leading bird control experts we have many years of experience with all types of nuisance bird problems. Our nationwide bird control teams will provide a no obligation bird control survey. Identifying the nuisance bird’s behaviour and the issues created allowing a legal and effective bird control solution to be identified.

The most common nuisance birds we deal with are pigeons or gulls. We also deal with rooks, crows, starlings, skylarks, canada geese and many more bird species that cause problems.

We operate nationwide via a network of local branches with specialist bird and pest control teams delivering a responsive and responsible services.

Talk to us for advice or to book a no obligation survey by calling freephone on 0333 567 2020.

Nuisance Birds