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Bird Scaring

As the leading bird control specialist in the UK we have a broad range of bird deterrent services and bird scaring products available.

Bird scaring is often required as part of a larger bird control programme. Often a site will need to be cleared of the pest birds in order for work to commence, gulls can be especially aggressive. All birds must be cleared from an area prior to any bird proofing installing and falconry response is an ideal bird scaring method to clear a site of nuisance birds.

Other methods of bird scaring can be installed  – dog patrols, automatic audio deterrents, manual audio deterrents, electric deterrents and even bird of prey decoys and kites. Each bird deterrent method has it’s own place and advantages and disadvantages in a bird control programme so its important to appoint a contractor with proven experience and qualified expertise.

Our bird control teams have worked with our customers nationwide since 1993 and are the most experienced and qualified in the UK today.

We always recommend a comprehensive site survey to understand the problem, identify the appropriate solutions and tailor it to your business and budget.

To talk to the most professional and knowledgeable bird control team in the UK call NBC Environment on 0333 567 2020.