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Bird Proofing Solutions

Effective Bird Proofing Solutions

As the UK’s leading bird control specialist you can be assured you’ll never get in a flap over bird proofing. We have and continue to be the choice for leading UK brands such as Shell, Balfour Beatty Marriott Hotels, National Grid, Biffa, Roberston and many more. Call us today on 0333 567 2020 for advice and quotes.

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Nuisance birds – pigeons, gulls, corvids (the crow family) and starlings – unchecked will continue to create mess and damage requiring costly cleaning and maintenance time and time again. Just as bird species and habits vary, so does the right proofing solution. A variety of systems are available and each has its own particular advantages and disadvantages for any given situation.

Each solution we provide is species-specific as our unique track record and experience ensures we understand bird behaviour. Birds will use different areas buildings for different purposes – resting, roosting and nesting. To recommend an effective proofing solution our nationwide teams of bird proofing experts will undertake a free survey to understand the full nature of your bird problem and the risk to your business.

Once the bird survey is completed we will provide a report with tailored bird proofing recommendation to safeguard your business activities and ensure health and safety compliance.

For expert advice or to arrange a survey call us on 0333 567 2020 or contact us.

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Bird Proofing & Deterrent Services