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Bird Gel Deterrent

Developed by scientists Bird Free gel is a revolutionary new method of bird control that uses food-grade natural oils to keep pigeons, gulls and other problem bird species off structures without harming them.

The benefits of bird gel are:

  • It’s non-toxic – the birds are not harmed, but are deterred away from buildings, without having any adverse effects on the environment
  • Bird gel is long-lasting – left undisturbed the gel will remain completely effective for at least two years after a proper installation
  • It’s low-profile so is invisible from the ground – it won’t ruin the appearance of structures, which is ideal for historic or architectural buildings
  • The oils contained in the gel form a film that makes it waterproof and prevents evaporation
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors – magnetic dishes can be used on steel structures like bridges and dishes with hooks can be used in trees

How Bird Gel Works

To the birds, the gel gives off ultra-violet light, appearing as flames. This visual deterrent is further enforced by the natural oils’ smell and taste, which is abhorrent to the birds. Bird Free Gel has been installed at thousands of commercial sites including airports, railway stations, docks, bridges and many other locations where nuisance birds cause distress and health hazards to employees and the public.

For advice more information on bird gels or other bird proofing solutions talk to your local NBC bird control team by calling free on 0333 567 2020.

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