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Bio-Acoustic Bird Scaring

Bio-Acoustic bird scaring solutions utilise bird distress calls or predatory bird calls to disperse nuisance birds from an area. Bio-acoustic bird scaring solutions can be fixed, hand held and automated depending on the requirements and will work on species such as gulls, crows and pigeons.

Bio-acoustic bird scaring is widely used as part of airport bird control to prevent bird strike incidents. We also use bio-acoustic products as part of urban bird mitigation programmes for industrial estates, manufacturing or storage facilities , city centres, ports and docklands.


How do bio-acoustic bird scaring units work?Bio-acoustic-bird-control

Whether fixed or handheld every bio-acoustic product will use bird species distress or a predatory bird of prey call to disperse the nuisance bird population on site. On hearing the call the targeted bird species will be on alert to locate the source of the call and the potential ‘natural’ threat.

Timid birds such as pigeons will disperse almost instantly whereas the natural behaviour of gulls is to locate the threat to attempt to drive it away from the territory. Whatever the bird species, birds will take to the air as the environment has become unattractive due to the perceived threat. Are bio-acoustic bird scaring solutions humane?Handheld-bio-acoustic-bird-scarer

Bio-acoustic distress calls are high quality digital media files that simulate a natural situation when a bird species is threatened by predators. Using a bio-acoustic system will help change bird behaviour and make an area unattractive to bird species encouraging them to disperse.


Does it work for all bird species?

Yes, the audio recording are high quality, but the use of a bio-acoustic  deterrents need to be tailored to the situation. We provide a comprehensive bird survey to understand the situation to tailor a programme to modify the behaviour of the nuisance birds.


Can bio-acoustic bird control units be used in isolation?

We don’t use the bio-acoustic bird control measures in isolation. Nuisance birds are a problem due to habituation in urban areas maximising scavenging opportunities and finding roosting locations. Initial success will be reduced over time as the nuisance birds become habituated to the distress calls making them ineffective. As part of a considered and tailored bird control programme bio-acoustic measures are very effective.

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