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Wasp Nest at House

Wasps causing nuisance for homeowner

The customer had issues with wasps by their garage which was making it difficult to enter and exit the building and even approach their vehicle, parked in front of the garage for fear of being stung.

After carrying out a thorough inspection of the garage we sourced the access route of the wasps and where they were congregating. This suggested to us the location of the nest. We also carried out an identification of the insect whilst on site, to ensure that no non-target species, including Bees, were treated.

Our Solution

After carrying out the identification and confirming it was a wasp nest present, we used our long reach extension lances to accurately apply the insecticide to the area whilst safely standing on ground level, away from the nest itself. Due to how the insecticides works on the wasps we can see an increase in their activity immediately after treatment, its therefore imperative that our operatives and customer are away from the nest for this reason.

The nest was treated and the wasps have since not been a problem for the customer.

After scoring the overall experience as a 10/10, the customer commented that “The engineer was very professional and friendly. Excellent service”

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