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St Mungo's - Rodent Infestation

Preventing Property Damage

The site had a history of significant rat infestation. NBC had recommended a number of treatments which considerably reduced activity levels and was evident by the reduction of burrows however to keep controlling the rodent activity in the garden area and to protect its integrity, proofing works were required. 

Our Solution

The situation on site was severe and both the fabric of the garden area and the health and safety of clients were at risk. 

Proofing the garden area to eliminate rodent hiding spots if re-infestation was to occur in the future was needed.

There were 4 distinct phases to the project;

garden beforePhase 1 - Dig 15cm deep into soil areas.







meshPhase 2 - Lay a rodent weldmesh and secure it around the edges with clips drilled into the walls.  

Phase 3 - Fill 10cm with gravel to help the drainage of these areas.  





garden afterPhase 4 - Fill 5cm with topsoil to level out and apply grass seed.  











Now the proofing works have been completed by our London pest control team, this will reduce the risk of rats accessing and damaging the integrity of the garden areas and in turn, eliminating the health and safety risk associated with rodent activity.

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