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Squirrel Problem for Homeowner

The customer has had a long history of squirrel problems and so asked NBC to provide a solution for those issues. The customer found from history that the squirrels were not entering traps and so a more innovative solution needed to be sought.

Trap shy pests can occur for various reasons, across various pests; Squirrels, Rats, Mice etc. Although not ideal it doesn’t necessarily condemn any chance of a resolution to failure. The shyness needs to be noticed, acknowledged and then another resolution put in place.

Our Solution

Utilising a system of feeders we encouraged the squirrels into a specific area with the view of carrying out humane culls on the Squirrels. The feeder ensured that the pests were congregating to a specific point which helped us with the success of the treatment, as well as the safety risks involved with introducing an air rifle into a piece of work.

The shooting program went over several visits, and included the use of wildlife cameras to assess the activity and crucially the times of activity for a more strategic and targeted visit schedule.


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