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Rodent Issue at Solar Farm

Risk of fire and costly damage by rodents

A customer contacted us to help to resolve a rodent infestation at a remote site in Leicester. The client is in the renewable energy sector, in this instance a large solar farm. Rat burrows had been identified on site and with no existing framework in place there was the potential for rodents to cause damage to varying pieces of equipment through gnawing as they look to stop the growth of the incisors (Rodent comes from the Latin ‘Rodere’ which means ‘to gnaw’) This has not only the potential to create a fire hazard but also has the potential to limit the output of the equipment on site.

Our Solution

We carried out a free site survey and submitted a comprehensive report comprising of a site set up, an intensive period of treatment followed by a monitoring programme to ensure any further activity was captured, recorded and dealt with promptly to prevent the risks highlighted above.

Due to the rural location and the potential for secondary poisoning to birds of prey active in the area– a non-toxic approach was taken to ensure CRRU guidelines were adhered to (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) a practice and responsibility NBC take extremely seriously.

 4 visits into the intensive programme and there is already marked improvement in the activity on site – burrows which have been active are now no longer on use and the numbers caught within the traps are now in decline.

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