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Rodent Issue at Manufacturing Site

Building Works Cause Rodent Problem

Since 2016, NBC have serviced a site on behalf of Anderman Ceramics. During this period, the site has largely remained pest free due to the installation of the correct framework, visit frequency and the following of recommendations by site.

With building works in the surrounding areas and the operation of an energy recovery facility next door, it was only going to be a matter of time before rodents made their way into buildings on site. On a recent visit to site, the technician noted both mouse and rat activity on site, in the bait stations and the wall cavities. Droppings were visible and bait stations were empty.

Our Solution

As part of any monitoring visit, NBC technicians don’t just service the bait station ‘know within the profession as ‘box kicking’ we take a dynamic approach, noting any environmental/site changes which could lead to spikes in activity. Technicians, as part of their KPI’s, provide recommendations to help protect customers and engage with them to make sure they are aware.

Any recommendations are recorded and then immediately emailed to the commercial team so that they can engage and arrange implementation of those recommendations, which consisted of, a weekly intensive and proofing measures both internally and externally.

After the recent recommendations were accepted by the client – works were arranged and scheduled in for completion the following week.

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