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Rodent Control at Rural School

Pest Prevention at Educational Site

The school encountered the odd unwanted pest because of it's location being set in multiple acres of Norfolk’s countryside. NBC were asked to put in place a pest prevention programme to best manage these risks whilst taking special consideration to the environment and students based at the school. 

With various wildlife in the vicinity, NBC Environment had to take specific environmental risk assessments to reduce the risk of secondary poisoning to the Owls and birds of prey often seen around the school, whilst still tackling any unwanted pests that could be present. 

One of the school's challenges in terms of pest control was also one of its main benefits: the schools' fantastic rural setting. This causes two main obstacles to overcome; managing the risk of the unwanted pests that will naturally be present whilst also managing the risk of harming wanted wildlife that again would naturally be present. 

In any educational setting NBC Environment take special consideration to the methods used due to young students' presence. With the school specialising in students with communication or learning difficulties, this standard consideration had to be escalated to a much higher level. 

Our Solution

Our team of pest controllers in Norfolk attended site after carrying environmental risk assessments of the site, NBC implemented a specific suite of control measures using non-toxic solutions such as traps to help control the secondary poisoning of non-target species and manage the risk of disease-ridden rodents being present.

Toxic formulations were also used in specific areas, in guidance with our environmental risk assessment, to help manage any activity.  

Housekeeping measures were also of paramount importance to the site as our approach strongly leans on preventing rodents from entering the building, instead of tackling them once the property has been breached. With our recommendations and the school’s willingness to implement them, this has resulted in a far more positive outlook and a safer environment for the students.

The school is achieving good pest prevention works by combining suitable house-keeping measures and a preventative approach. A reactive attitude in this environment would lead to the school not managing their risks correctly and a constant “fire fighting” service. 

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