Rodent and pest prevention for Snetterton renewable energy plant

Protecting highly sensitive equipment from potential rodent activity

BWSC required a rodent and pest prevention service to ensure their renewable energy plant which contains highly sensitive equipment was protected from potential rodent activity. With the materials they use for generating energy there is always a risk of pests being brought into the site and it is that risk that BWSC wished to be managed.

Project overview

BWSC provide operation and maintenance services to energy plants across the country. Their Snetterton Renewable energy plant in Norfolk, supplies electric to around 75,000 homes.

The site has to be protected from factors which could jeopardise the plant. One of those factors is protecting it from pests. Should a small rodent find a way in the highly sensitive ARC Flash systems, designed to protect the site from electrical sparks, could shut down the entire plant.

The clients required a pest prevention programme at the site to ensure the plant is protected from rodent activity which If left alone could have a massive effect on the site costing them time and operational ability.

Our solution

NBC Environment put together a rodent monitoring program that included regular servicing and checking of bait boxes strategically placed across the site. Also included was an inclusive reactive service should the need arise between servicing. As mentioned before, the risk of pest population is high if left unmanaged due mainly to the product they bring in that creates the energy.

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